Specialized Insanity.

Response Centre #12. If you must come in, come quietly. Unless you know the occupants rather well and are sure they're feeling relatively sane.

They don't feel relatively sane that often. Actually, the human never feels relatively sane (unless she's surrounded by Hitler clones. Then she feels comparatively sane. For about three microseconds). But they're usually friendly enough.

Oh, and don't mess up the paperwork, they really hate that, unless you're helping with it. And don't go through the disks, CDs, flash keys and whatnot in the tray. You don't want to know what's in there. And that rather impressive array of knives is Starwind's; she'll probably tell you where she got them. All the wood probably belongs to Estelnar.

...what are you doing still here? Go read something.

When on Duty.

When off Duty and Messing Around.

Starting Out.

And What Actually Comes From Spare Time.

The really ridiculous stuff.