A Possible Canon Scene of Low Comedy for TTT-R

(takes place during the night of 3/2 - 3/3; could be inserted in the outline between the shot of the Ringbearer et all in the Morannon and the Rohirrim breaking camp at dawn.)

[FADE back to Isengard, the open gates where the army has just marched out, Saruman still happily watching his ten-thousand from his reviewing stand, like a little tinpot dictator, as the torchlight procession vanishes into the distance to crush the barbarians. HOLD on his smug, crafty expression as he savors the idea of being The Boss.]

[sound effects - a rustle like wind in branches, only there are no more trees in Isengard, right? Saruman looks around, puzzled - then his eyes widen in horror and he about jumps out of his skin before leaping off the platform and sprinting as fast as he can, beard and robes trailing behind him for his speed, magic powers completely forgotten as he flees in undignified panic from an enraged Ent...]

[possible add'l cut of him making it inside, slamming the door and panting against it, then his gasping panic turning to cold fury as he pulls himself together to work on defensive measures like napalm...]

"Flotsam and Jetsam"

The point of this sequence of Saruman's flight from Quickbeam - which is funny, as Merry and Pippin tell it, despite everything of death that comes before and after it - wouldn't be simple "drop in a joke so it won't be too dark" but serve two functions, if included: the first to offer a measure of hope as things look very dire indeed for Our Heroes, in the clear depiction of their enemy as not being all-knowing, and thus maybe not all-powerful, and very capable of being shook up by an unexpected offensive; and secondly, to show that Saruman's icy dignity is rather a brittle thing, and all his power and pride a sign of insecurity, rather than strength - an echo of the Laughter of Tulkas, if you will.

Plus, it's cathartic after all his high-handed treatment of Gandalf - and Galloping Geezer Chased By Angry Green Man would be a very funny picture, I think. --And authentic Tolkien, don't forget.

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