Glossary of Elvish words
Source: Silmarillion, Ardalambion

I.   celebrindal - 'silver-footed', that is, barefoot; epithet of Princess Idril

II. ringa - 'extreme cold'
amil - 'mother'
tata - abbreviated from tatanya, 'my father'
fanya - 'white cloud'
tarinya - 'my queen'
fëa - 'spirit, soul;' pl. fëar
thorni - 'eagles,' from earlier sorni; sing. thoron, soron

III. lairelossë - 'summer-snow', a tree with white flowers
aranel - 'princess'
apacen - 'aftersight', sight of that which comes after; that is, 'foresight' or the Sight
tercen - 'insight', that is, intuition or 'sixth sense'
urco - 'fearful prowling creature of darkness,' from which yrch is derived
alqua - 'swan'
falma - 'a cresting wave'
únyárima - 'impossible to recount, because all the facts are not known, or the tale is too long'

IV. rúkin - 'I fear', 'I am afraid'

V. ilmen - the upper air, the atmosphere