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Author: HarpWire - PG-13 - English - Reviews: 285


We love fanfic. Honestly, we do.

But changing the *main plotline* of the canon story is ridiculous. (Except in speculative AU "what-if" type stories.) And Mary Sues upstage the canonical main characters, which really should not happen. If you want to be the main character, try doing original fiction. Then you can even publish it without breaking copyright laws, maybe even get rich. But if you do that, please knock your character down a few notches from "angel".

Each fanfic Jay and Acacia enter has its own chapter. The author and fic title are included in the chapter's title.

Critiques go to Acacia (, because Jay ( suffers from an inability to deal with criticism. (even good criticism.) Flames go to anyone you like, because they'll just be laughed at anyway.
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