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Welcome! This is my Lord of the Rings art section. Why here?

Why not? Besides, it's my page and I can do what I want! Ha!

So here are my sketches/drawings of Lord of the Rings. Some I think suck, and some do, but I'm posting them anyway.

Elrond Half-elven - Second Age [sketch]
Elrond Half-elven - [sketch]
Elrond Half-elven - leaning? [sketch]
Legolas Greenleaf [shading experiment]
Legolas Greenleaf - Profile [sketch]
Legolas Greenleaf - At OFUM [CG Art]
Legolas Greenleaf - At South Park [CG Art]
Boromir - Someone that's not an elf! [pencil portrait]
Chibi Aragorn - [ink]
Chibi Legolas - [ink/CG art]
The Lord of the Icons: The Network of the Icon (LotR/ReBoot) - [ink/CG]
Not the dwarf [pencil portrait]
Chibi Elrond [ink with pencil crayon]


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