torture and death

AW: Are these the shadows of the things that will be, or are they shadows of things that may be, only?

A/N: Hey, I didn't say it was a romance for nothin! I'm building up to it.

Legolas: Much like our dread.

Stacie and Leggy gotta have a friendship first.

Legolas: Says who? ... wait, that came out sounding wrong.

Don't worry, LV, they'll be in love before your birthday! =) I'll do that just for you!

(Legolas whimpers. Aragorn chuckles quietly.)

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Aragorn: Did anyone else get that?
(Everyone shakes their heads)

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Drew: Lurtz?

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It had been three days since Stacie had blacked out, and she still hadn't woken up. Everyone was worried for her. Everyone.

Legolas: Except me.
Aragorn: And me.
Drew: And Gandalf, Galadriel, Merry, Pippin- (starts to count on her fingers)
AW: Fine, Bill the Pony was worried. ... or was that the crab grass?

Legolas walked outside on the streets. He had no idea where was going. His heart was heavy with guilt and something else.

Drew: Heart burn.
Legolas: (to self) Shouldn't have had that drinking contest with Gimli.

He just didn't know what it was, and it was driving him crazy.

AW: "...these five words in my head, scream 'are we having fun yet?'"

He was normally a lighthearted elf, always up for a good laugh.

Legolas: I am?
Aragorn: No, not really.

But ever since Stacie arrived...everything changed.

Drew: (Legolas) I'm rather moody lately. Maybe there is something wrong with me...
AW: (professional voice) I'm sorry, son of Thranduil, but you have come down with a serious case of "the Sue".
Drew: (Legolas) I'm doomed!

His brows knitted in confusion when he looked up. He had led himself to the Healing House.

AW: Bathrooms on the left and the gift shop is around the corner.

He sighed and walked in. He somehow found his way to the room they kept Stacie in.

Legolas: I followed the trail of glowing reviews and mindless praise.

"I fear she may not make it." Aragorn said in a hushed voice to Gandalf. Both stood up from where they were sitting when Legolas walked in.
"So, she's going to...die?" Legolas didn't know if he could handle that. Gandalf cleared his throat.

Aragorn: We all know she survives, you already said you wanted twenty chapters.
AW: And it's highly unlikely that it's all "Blah blah blah".

"She's been having strange seizures in her sleep; she's also been talking in her sleep, as well."

Drew: (Stacie, muttering) Uh... ducks....

"What has she been saying?"
"Perhaps you should sit down for this, friend."

Legolas: (unamused) Woof.

Legolas took a sit across from Gandalf and Aragorn. "We believe that, well, her father's death, or murder actually, had a great affect on her.

Drew: (sarcastically) Noooo, really?

Also, her caretaker was not as perfect as Stacie described her. When she said Jennifer showed her the tricks of the trade, well, we think we now know what the trade was."

Aragorn: Please! There are children reading!

A painful expression crossed the wizard's face. Legolas closed his eyes. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know.
"Killing." The word stuck in the air like a pungent scent.

AW: (Legolas) Oh, is that all? Phew! For a second I was worried.

"That was all she was accustomed to. She did what Jennifer told her to do, and was always running away from those trying to catch her."

Drew: IRS - They are Big Brother.

"Her condition is very similar to what Eowyn's was. If she'd wake up, it may not be too late for her.

Aragorn: (Gandalf) But probably not.

But first she has to wake." Aragorn said.

AW: Oh, so she's going to die then? Break out the bubbly!

The Elf stood up and practically ran out of the room.

Drew: Running like a girl and whimpering like a pansy.
Legolas: She is making out to be a emotional, flimsy, fawning whey-face!

Once he was out of the Healing House, he did run. He didn't stop until he reached a patch of forest.

AW: (consulting his maps) Well, the closest worth while forest is Drúadan Forest and that's a good, what.... twenty-three miles away?

He put his head in his hands. "What am I doing?" He whispered.

Drew: (cheerfully) Meanwhile, back at the ranch...!

The moment Stacie had black out, she felt like she was still awake.

AW: Chocolate covered coffee beans. They come with strange side effects.

The room had left her, as well as everyone else.

Drew: (Stacie) Stella!!!

(Where am I?)
"In the darkness, where you belong." Came an answer.

Legolas: Got a nightlight?

"You are afraid? Good! 'Tis only right that you are!" A hideous laughter came from all around her.

AW: Paris Hilton?

"Go away!" She screamed. The laughter only became louder.

Aragorn: Only to lose it's effectiveness after falling into a fit of coughs and hacks.

"Aww, is the poor girl afraid becoming the same as her victims? DEAD?!"

Legolas: We're not blind - no need to shout.

All of the sudden a giant creature lept in front of her. It was bat type of form that stood on its hind legs. It had huge fangs, and long sharp claws.

AW: (Stacie, hopefully) Are you my father?

Similar, but smaller, creatures came up from behind him. "Join us!" He hissed. "We brought you to Middle Earth to give you the chance of a life time!

Aragorn: (creature, hissing) We are the author's plot point. Please pay attention!

What, Stacie, is your answer then?"

AW: Fourty-two!

Fear ran through her.

Legolas: ...and boy was it tired.
AW: *Rimshot*

Never before in her life had she ever as scared as she was now.

Drew: Not even that type when the goat at the petting zoo ate her socks.

She swallowed hard.

AW: Ouch.

"What will happen to me if I do?" Her voice trembled. The creature grinned.

Aragorn: (creature) We'll have enough for euchre.

"You shall become one of us." He motioned to the creatures behind him.

Drew: (creatures behind) Ni! Ni!

"You shall be able to do what you do best. Terrorize the people of this world, bring death to whom ever you want!

AW: (Stacie) Sweet! When do I sign up?

For that is what we are. Terror and death.

AW: (creature) Except for him; he's Taxes.

But! Answer no, and we shall keep your soul with us! We'll destroy it, nice and slow.

AW: (creature) First, we'll start by showing you the movie "North", and then "Timeline"! *cackles*

Torture will be your fate, my dear. So why not just say yes, and be happy?"

Drew: (creatures) Ni!!

The thing took a step near her. She immediately backed away.
"Why are you doing this to me?" She said in a horse whisper.

Legolas: (creature, shrugging) It's a Friday night.
AW: (creature) And TGIF Night hasn't been on for years.
Drew: (Cody) I'll give you a hint: he lives in your driveway, he's standing in your kitchen, he's weaing a cheeeeeeeese haaaaaaat!

"We thought you'd enjoy it! Or has that Elf changed that?! You can't possibly say that.

Legolas: (Stacie) What? 'That'?
Aragorn: (creatures) Ahh! She said the 'word'!

You were only there for two days!" It shook its head and clicked its tongue. Her facial expression gave it away.

Drew: She had bad gas.

"You think he could possibly love you?!

Legolas: Not even in fiction would that happen!
AW: Since when do elves fall in love in two days?
Drew: Since when does anyone fall in love in two days?

Why, that's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! You're a born killer, dear. Now everyone knows it!" He cackled.

Aragorn: (creature) Ahahahaha*choakstrugglegag*...

"What?!" She screamed.

AW: Is that you, Al?

"Look, you're giving it away as we speak!" A window appeared out of no where.

(AW makes the sound effect of a ReBoot Vidwindow.)

Stacie could see herself in a bed.

Legolas: Legolas marveled at the bad writing.

Beside her were Aragorn and Gandalf.

Legolas: He wondered why her sentences were so short.

She was speaking about her past.

Legolas: Legolas started gouging his eyes out.

What were they doing to her? She couldn't believe this!

Legoals: Then the elf started to set random body parts on fire.

"Of all the nerve." She muttered. Her fist clenched.

AW: The audience yawned.

She glared at the creature. Her fear had disappeared and been replaced by anger.

Drew: (Stacie) Sue SMASH!

For a moment the thing had worry flash across his face. Stacie took steps towards it, causing it to back away.

AW: Hell hath no fury like a pissed off Sue.

It stopped, but she didn't until she was face to face with it.

Aragorn: (creature) Ugh! Sue breath.

"Send me back, now!" The creature let out an almost nervous laugh.
"And what do you plan to do?" He mocked. She just snickered.

AW: (Stacie) Sorry... I just thought of something funny.

"You just said I was a born killer, dear. This is the last job I do!"

Drew: (Stacie) I am... how you say... I am quit!

She jumped it, knocking it over. It stuck its fangs in her neck.

AW: (creature) Tonight Ah'm going to suck....... ..... you're blood!

Though pain shot through her, she tried breaking the creature's neck. Its little followers attacked her.

Legolas: (creatures) Ni! Ni!

She screamed. (I gotta get through this)

Aragorn: If you don't, don't worry. There's more of you where you came from.

Legolas had been sitting in a tree for quite a long time.

AW: What do you call a skeleton in a tree?
Drew: The 1923 Newfie Hide-and-Seek champion!
AW: *rimshot*

It was nearly past midnight. He jumped. He heard, no felt, Stacie scream.

Legolas: It tingled me.

Something was wrong.

Drew: He was suddenly channeling Diana Troy.

He ran as quickly as he could back to the Healing House.

Aragorn: Into the elf-mobile. Elf-boy away!
Legolas: Holy-out-of-character, King-man!

"So you guys are killable after all." She muttered after she snapped one's neck.

AW: I'd like to know how you can kill torture and death.
Legolas: With a lollipop?

The one in charge had disappeared somewhere, and now she was stuck fighting its drones.

Aragorn: (creatures) Braaaaaaaaaainssss...

All of the sudden they all disappeared.

Drew: Leaving only a fresh scent of pine. *sniff* Ahh.

"Now what?" The window reappeared.

(AW makes the vidwindow sound again.)

She looked in it. Aragorn and Gandalf were gone and now...Legolas was there?

Legolas: No.

He was holding her hand and tell her he was sorry.

Legolas: I killed your goldfish. With arsnic. And then flushed them.

"Sorry for what?" She muttered.

AW: Hey, yeah!

Tears spilled down her cheek. He had no reason to be sorry.

Legolas: Darned right!

She had to get back and turn things right.

Aragorn: Just stop writing.
Legolas: Oh please get "writer's block".

She sighed. She looked to the right of the window and gasped.

Drew: (Stacie) Ellen has her own talk show?

There was mirror type of thing there.

Legolas: (sarcastically) You're descriptive powers astounds me to no end.

When she looked inside of it, she saw her apartment.

AW: Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight kittens. Goodnight mittens....

Policemen were gathered around it. Jennifer was there.

Drew: And you and you and you were there!

The mirror did a close up on Jennifer.

Legolas: Look! We can see up her nose!

She was talking to one of the authorities.

Aragorn: Aragorn's mind was becoming numb with the simplified writing style.
AW: Good night, moon. Good night, room.

"She told me she couldn't handle it anymore." Jennifer said. "I warned her against it, but I guess she just went on a killing spree." Fake tears spilled down her cheek. The policeman nodded.

AW: (policeman) Righto. Care to go get some Chinese?
Drew: (Jennifer) Yeah, let's get 'em.
AW: (policeman) I meant the food.

"So Stacie Emeril is the serial killer we've been after all of this time?!"
"Yes." Stacie gasped.

Aragorn: Wait,... I thought Jennifer was talking to him.

"I can't believe this! I thought I could trust you!!!" She screamed at the mirror.

Legolas: Oop... there she is.
AW: Did you miss her?
Legolas: Not really.

She turned away from the mirror in disgust. Once more a cackle arose out of no way.

Drew: Here beta beta beta beta....

"Not fair, is it?" It was the 'thing' again.

AW: Thing can't talk. He's a freakin' hand!

"No, it's not."

Aragorn: I know you are, but what am I?

"Watch your attitude, young lady! You've proved your strength. I'm giving you a chance to go back..." the invisible voice began. " your own world."

Drew: Um...aren't all voices invisable?

"NO! That's not what I want!"

Legolas: (Stacie) I want a pony!

"Well, we don't always get what we want, now do we?

AW: Unless you're rich enough. Then you just turn into a big jerk.

You have three choices.

Drew: (excited) Oh oh! Curtain #2!!

Stay here in this black place forever and only watch the two worlds go on without you,

Legolas: (shouting) No no! #1!!

then the option of joining us,

Aragorn: (waving his arms) #2!

or you can go back to your world and always be running from the authorities.

AW: (chanting) Sprinkles! Sprinkles!
Drew: (chanting) Gummi bears! Gummi bears!*

Of course they'd eventually catch you, and then you'd of course get the death sentance.

Legolas: No.. I change my vote to #3. #3!

It's your choice!" The voice laughed again.
"I choose to go back to Middle Earth where I was." She said sternly.

Legolas: But I don't want you back. You have cooties.

"That is NOT an option! You're lucky you even get one."

Legolas: #3!
Aragorn: #2!
AW: Sprinkles!

Stacie looked into the window. Legolas was still there by her bedside.

Legolas: Going through her pockets for loose change

She shook her head.
"Y'know, I think I don't need you to get back."

Aragorn: (Stacie) For I am Sue! Beware my powers of Sueage!
AW: (grinning) Got that right.

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Legolas: Too late to worry about that.

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