"Dear Readers Beloved,

AW: (sniffs) I feel loved!

I, Anu, am resigning my FanFiction.net account due to

Legolas: (Anu) The lack of thought put into deciding my name.

extreme dissatisfaction with the quality of the comments and reviews.

AW: Suck. It. Up. Through. A. Straw.

I have been slandered, insulted, and unreasonably persecuted,

Legolas: (Anu) It's not my fault that I have six toes on one foot!

and I feel that the effort spent here has not been worth the time, and that my writings' true potential is wasted on statuatorus ingrates.

AW: Damn straight..er... Hey!

My writing is of truly professional quality,

Legolas: Oh, could you please take off your huge ego, you are blocking my view of everything.

and both AU and Canon stories are well carried out.

AW: (snorts) ... on stretchers.

As many have noted, due my sexuality, I write only slash.

AW: I'm sorry but, that shouldn't be the factor to your writing.

If one could ignore this, many of my better works have long chapters that are mildly slash, if at all.

Legolas: I tend not to ignore slash....especially if it involves me, thankyouverymuch.

The reason I am leaving is,


despite the wonderful women who make my time onlline

AW: Sorrry, iff you cann't spelll right inn your farewelll adresss, itt doesn't bode welll for your ficcs.

fun and enjoyable, there are people who discriminate mindlessly without using a single synapse in the space of five sentences.

Legolas: Here is a box of Royal. Be my guest.

If you would care to pursue my work, you may find them on my website, the link above.

AW: (Anu) Shining in all it's glory.

I would appreciate positive feedback,

Legolas: (Anu) The negitive will be composted.

and on my site, homophobia and unecessary cruelty will not be tolerated.


I invite the honesst admirers of my work to read them there.

AW: (Anu) The rest of you gentlemen can bugger off!


Legolas: Frankly I couldn't care less.
AW: (muttering) Git.

'Dear Readers Beloved' by unknown
Msted by Al's Waiter
(msted without permission - like I needed it)
Msting concept belongs to Best Brains
Legolas and other Lord of the Rings characters belong J. R. R. Tolkien and his kin.

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