Date Posted: 23:12:16 04/18/03 Fri
Author: Al's Waiter
Subject: Lord of the Mst: I shall Mst this if I may? ;)
In reply to: The REAL AC 's message, "Re: I know harbors much that is Godawful, but this is just ridiculous." on 21:19:40 04/18/03 Fri

It's 2:00 in the morning. Do I know where my pants are?


>You know, everytime I see this kind of f-----g s---,
>it makes me want to puke.

AW: Bathroom's down the hall and to your right.
Legolas: Try not to get it on anything.

>If any of you a------s had
>any REAL writing talent, you'd shut the f--- up and
>get to work on your own damn fanfics.

AW: Well, whaddya know... I was working on "Fellowship of the Urn" ch 3, just tonight, and peeked in here to see what was up.

> Come to think
>of it, if you had any real writing talent, you
>wouldn't even be bothering with the s-------e that is
>fan fiction

Legolas: That is supplied so kindly for us at

>and you'd actually be getting PAID for
>what you write.

AW: I, for one, want to be an illustrator.
Legolas: (cheerfully) I want to be a Mary Sue assassin and work for the PPC! They're my heroes!

>Like a group of grade-school f-----s
>like you know what the f--- good writing is and how to
>teach it.

AW: I could probably give you a few lessons about language... For example, here's the learning stick. Next, I shall beat you over the head with it until you clean up your vocabulary.

>If you had half a brain-cell between you,

Legolas: We'd be you?

>you'd realize that fan fiction is a s------e for
>dilitantes and poseurs with literary pretentions, and
>the rest of the literary world laughs at your a---s,
>that is when they aren't trying to get you shut down
>for copyright infringement.

AW: Except for the fact that most of the world doesn't give a rip about fans writing fanfiction save Anne Rice and a few others.

>And when you DO try your
>hand at original works, it's the worst, most
>boring---- s--- imaginable.

Legolas: Is this the voice of experience?

>You think you're the first group of morons to try to
>"clean up"

AW: No. Should we?

>I've got news for
>you--there have been plenty of supergroups who tried
>before you. Tried and failed? No. TRIED AND DIED.

Legolas: The pain of the Sues and tripe got too much for them.

>Why? Because the guys who were in them got bored,
>realized that the leaders/organizers were dumb f-----g
>egomaniacs, and left.

AW: Have you seen a leader around here?
Legolas: That I have not, friend. Did I miss them at the annual Christmas party?

>This group won't be any

AW: Seeing as there is no leader, we've already got one right there on you.

>Hell, you'll probably be gone quicker,
>because your spreading your f-----g little legs too

Legolas: (shocked) I beg your pardon?

>Godawful--you'll be gone in two months, tops.

AW: In. Your. Dreams. Pal.

>dumb s---s probably think that is the end-all,
>be-all of fan fiction, and you can't find any of your
>s----y trifles anywhere else.

AW: On the contrary, I have my own site for posting my "trifles" and I only post on because I can, not because it's the air I breathe.

>F-----s--don't waste your time even spamming these

Legolas: But then what would we do on a rainy Saturday night with nothing to do?

>Go back to your little hellhole and do
>something non-productive like you usually do.

AW: Like msting stupid rants like this one? Done and done!

>Bottom line: Anyone DUMB ENOUGH to take fan fiction
>seriously should get

Legolas: ... a life?

Javier's d--- up their a-- until
>they change their tune.

AW: A high tenor?

>Austin Covello
>--burnt out fanfic writer

Legolas: Got flamed too much?
AW: Crispy, crunchie author

>--Dark "God-Author" of Eva fiction; ex-Darkscribe

Legolas: Should I be impressed?
AW: No idea. Never heard of him before. *offers some* Peanuts?

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