[Gandalf] Frodo's still alive
[Eowyn] *still has Aragorn in a Death Grip*
[Pippin] *is sad* Merry has once more left his buddy... I feel lost and angsty.
[Aragorn] Hey, that was my line, I think
[Figwit] *to Aragorn* don't worry, she'll leave you alone when she sees Faramir
[Gandalf] Only in the third movie
[Aragorn] Argh
[Figwit] The sooner you can get to Minas Tirith, the better
[Gollum] *plots to self*
[Frodo] Come along, Sam.  Let's remenisce about the Shire and make the audience laugh by discussing the books we'll be in.
[Celebrian] Denethor: Yes, come see me!
[Aragorn] Well, what are we waiting for?
[Gandalf] Besides, I'm following the script
[Eowyn] ...more hot men?
[Eomer] Eh, if PJ can abridge the books, we can abridge the script!
[Aragorn] Script? What script?
[Dor] Gandalf, is that allowed?
[Sam] I like stories.
[Eowyn] Can I angst some more?
[Celebrian] But... this is real
[Aragorn] I second that motion. And sure
[Eomer] What stoped you before, sister dear?
[Eomer] Angst away!
[Eowyn] *angst*
[Gandalf] I'm a demi-God. Course it's allowed
[Celebrian] Hee
[Figwit] *clings to background ent 17* protect me!
[Aragorn] So, where are we now, oh demi-God?
[Pippin] How many times are you going to use that God-card, Gandalf?
[Eomer] *rides to Minas Tirith*
[Eomer] As often as Johnny Cochran played the race card in the OJ trial, my friend...
[Celebrian] Denethor: Heya Eomer!
[Gollum] We'll take them to her.  Maybe she'll kill them and stuff, and we can haves Toey.
[Figwit] As many as he wants to, Gods can do that, ya know
[Gandalf] As many as is needed, you foolish Hobbit. Now. To Isengard!
[Celebrian] Denethor: Wait... you Rohirrim suck!
[Eowyn] */still/ has Aragorn in Death Grip* Are we there yet?
[Eomer] HEy, Denethor!  Man, you're looking OLD!
[Pippin] Sorry... *whimpers and hides*
[Aragorn] You could let go of me...
[Eomer] And you're whacked out!  You never hated us before!
[Aragorn] Oh yeah, we've got to go visit Saruman
[Celebrian]  Denthor: And you're looking Rohirrimy and sucky *whacks with staff*
[Figwit] Denthor?
[Celebrian] Denethor: Oh no, I always hated you guys
[Eowyn] Are we there yet?
[Eomer] Ow!  Why'd you do that?  snivelsnivel
[Eomer] I'm here to HELP you!  A great danger is coming!
[Gandalf] Now pick up that palatir, you fool of a Took so I can take it from you.
[Celebrian] Denethor: yeah yeah, I've seen it!
[Frodo] This place is scary, but I *Still* trust Gollum.
[Eomer] You need to warn your soldiers.  MY SISTER IS COMING!
[Eowyn] *hits Aragorn* Answer me you hottness person!
[Celebrian] Denethor: *gasp* Nooo!
[Aragorn] Ow
[Eomer] Yes!
[Celebrian] Denethor: No!
[Eomer] She's...insatiable!
[Eowyn] Mwehehehe
[Pippin] *picks up Palantir* Ohh, shiny... ah, an Eye! Help me, Gandalf!
[Figwit] *Yells to the soldiers*  Run while you still can!
[Aragorn] We're in Isengard
[Eomer] Hide the men!
[Eomer] Dress them like women!  ANYTHING!
[Eowyn] Help him Aragorn!
[Celebrian] Denethor: *hides all men of Gondor underneath big furry blanket behind chair*
[Dor] (Random soldier of Gondor) Eomer, you say this like it's a BAD thing.
[Eowyn] *still has Aragorn in Death Grip*
[Aragorn] Oy! *grabs Palantir from Pippin*
[Eomer] But don't hide your son
[Gandalf] Git. There, you're all better. Now we go closer to the enemy at Minas Tirith
[Gollum] ...I'm going to have flashbacks to when I first got Toey.  *does so*
[Pippin] *passes out*
[Figwit] *breaks Saruman's staff 'cause someone probably should*
[Eowyn] Hey! Figwit's back! *glops Figwit*
[Eomer] Dor, trust me, if you knew her, you'd know why I say it like it's a bad thing...
[Frodo] So you see, I'm going to become like Gollum if I keep the ring.  Pity him, audience.
[Gandalf] Hope you like bare back, Git... I mean Pippin.
[Celebrian] Bumpy!
[Gollum] Pity us, yes...  _
[Figwit] *wails* That's what you get for doing something to help thet canon....woe is me *angsts*
[Eowyn] Ah! The hot hobbitses it going...I guess I'll settle with this other one over here...
[Eomer] Aw, c'mere Figwit. I'll keep you safe
[Eowyn] is*
[Figwit] *hides behind Eomer*
[Sam] *doesn't pity Stinker*
[Dor] Eomer, I'd take that ch-- *muffled as he's dragged off and made to behave*
[Frodo] Faramir: I'll just hang around here until some orcs attack.
[Aragorn] Okay, going back to Edoras now
[Pippin] *mumbles* stupid old demi-God... *sits up on horse after farewell from non-existing Merry*
[Eowyn] *hugs Merry* I'll hold him and hug him and love him forever!
[Gollum] Now I'll poison Master against fat hobbit, and make him go away.
[Gandalf] We're working on it. Stupid ranger
[Eomer] Oh, look!  Beacons are lit!
[Celebrian] Denethor: Yes. I am getting a grumpy old men-itis
[Gandalf] No patience
[Figwit] Is she gone?  Am i safe?
[Pippin] *jumps ahead and lights beacon thingy with the speed of lightning*
[Eowyn] *angst*
[Eomer] For now...
[Aragorn] I'll sit and look ruggedly handsome until then
[Celebrian] Dnenethor: Hobbit! Mine! *glomps*
[Aragorn] *does so*
[Frodo] I'm so easily manipulated. But it's all because of the RING! *angst*
[Figwit] Ok, whew. *sighs with relief*
[Eowyn] Wheee! *glomps Aragorn* You're looking ruggedly hansome*
[Gandalf] *takes over command since Denethor can't*
[Eowyn] !
[Eomer] I'll go get my uncle to come and help
[Celebrian] Denethor: Oi!
[Aragorn] Oh lookies, beacons lighting...wonder how they got up to the tops of those mountains..oh well
[Figwit] Good plan, good plan
[Eomer] It's...magic.  Disney magic...
[Sam] I could help with  the ring. I like helping.
[Aragorn] Oooooh
[Eomer] Weta magic!
[Frodo] Frodo: MINE!
[Celebrian] Denethor: *Gets his lightsaber out and looks at Gandalf*
[Sam] Fine. Be that way
[Frodo] MINE!
[Eowyn] Ahem! *glomps Aragorn*
[Frodo] Now go away, Sam, you're being corrupted and I don't need anyone but ME to angst.
[Pippin] Do not mention Disney evil at this place! Fool of an... Eomer.
[Aragorn] Eeep!
[Aragorn] Glomped again -__-
[Celebrian] Denethor: you want the throne? Come adn claim it!
[Gandalf] Oh, hush up. *beats you with his staff*
[Gollum] Fat hobbit wanted it all along.
[Eomer] It's Weta magic, you shrimp!
[Sam] Did not
[Eomer] Disney magic is cheesy and animated
[Celebrian] Denethor: Ow... Mummy....
[Frodo] I dunno, I'm still kind of sad about him . . .
[Eowyn] Are we going to that white place now?
[Aragorn] I'm coming, first I've got to meet Elrond at Dunharrow...
[Pippin] *sulks, but shuts up*
[Frodo] Faramir: *is randomly ill*
[Celebrian] Ooh, my husband!
[Eowyn] Then I have to angst some more?
[Aragorn] He has to give me the spiffy sword
[Eomer] Yes, we're going to the white place.  Let's put on your white jacket with the long sleeves that wrap around you first
[Gandalf] Now it's your turn to hurry up.
[Gollum] Climb up!  *does so*
[Eomer] *rides fast to Dunharrow with Rohans*
[Celebrian] Denethor: Faramir! My son! He's dead! And oh, bugger... *looks and sees lots of Orcs* Err... fleee your posts! Fleeeeeeee!
[Aragorn] Rohans? O_o
[Sun Dec 28 20:40:16 EST 2003] Luhtarian has no profile.
[Eomer] Oh, look!  I'm like Karl Urban!
[Sun Dec 28 20:40:23 EST 2003] Elrond: AW: This is getting confusing
[Eomer] :D
[Eowyn] *holds Aragorn in Death Grip* How many children where you planning on having?
[Aragorn] Oh Elrond...where is Elrond?
[Elrond] *reforges sword at Elrohir's request*
[Pippin] *hurries up and does the thing s/he was supposed to be doing* (*is now tired*)
[Figwit] *follows behind Eowyn on background ent 17*
[Frodo] Climb climb climb.  Oh how high this moutain is.
[Eowyn] Where's the little hobbit I'm supposed to angst with?
[Gandalf] Saves Faramir and co from Nazgul with his flashlight/staff
[Figwit] About to go on the paths of the dead, I think
[Eomer] Eomer needs to get off the Palantir Internet soon before her parents put her on a pyre.  Let's abridge the action
[Aragorn] I have a sword to get hold that thought
[Frodo] Faramir: *is randomly ill in Gondor*
[Elrond] Oh fine. Take your lousy sword.
[Celebrian] Denethor: *sees son and freaks out*
[Aragorn] Thank you
[Figwit] It's Paths of the Dead time!
[Eowyn] *searches for Merry* Where's that hobbit go!
[Aragorn] *takes sword* You're supposed to tell me to take the Paths of the Dead
[Pippin] Where is my spiffy armor? *looks around* Gandaaalf... Where is my armor?
[Pippin] Merry is gone. He has left me... *angsts*
[Celebrian] Denethor: *finally gets a chance to angst*
[Elrond] Take the Paths of the Dead... and take my other son with you. *Elladan comes out of the shadows*
[Eomer] *rides up to Minas Tirith with Uncle*  Let's save the day!
[Aragorn] Er, okay. Hey 'Dan!
[Gollum] Oh look, it's Her lair.  No reason for you to distrust me now.  Nope.  Just go on in...
[Aragorn] He's better than Legolas anyway....
[Aragorn] Okay, off the Paths of the Dead, whee
[Gandalf] *beats up Denethor somemore* Fight for your city!
[Figwit] (I'll be Merry)
[Eowyn] No! You are going where I can't follow my rugged hottness!
[Celebrian] Denethor: Oowwwwwww.
[Pippin] *cheers on Gandalf*
[Aragorn] Yes I am. I don't love you. Sorry. Bye
[Elrond] Elladan: hey. Ooo. I see dead people
[Frodo] I'm afraid.  Oh well, onward without my loyal, ass-saving servant!
[Celebrian] Denethor: Oy, your my Hobbit lover. Gte your own, whitey!
[Pippin] Yes, we have a Merry! *cheers some more*)
[Eowyn] *angsty angst* No one loves me!
[Aragorn] Yay, dead people...
[Eowyn] *hugs Merry* You're such a cute hobbit!
[Sun Dec 28 20:44:40 EST 2003] Figwit: No glomping....please?
[Gollum] I think I'll leave you here.  *does so*
[Figwit] Now hang on, who's that Merry?
[Sam] *falls down the stairs*
[Aragorn] Right, so own up to that oath and come fight for Gondor, savy?
[Eowyn] Hum?
[Elrond] Elladan: Do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
[Eomer] Yes, do!
[Figwit] it says there's a Merry already
[Gandalf] *does cool ninja moves with his staff and funky sword*
[Pippin] *swears oath to Denethor* I will be a warrior to you, and so on, and so forth...
[Aragorn] Oh, must block his ghostly blade and act all kingly. *does so* Okay, now enough fooling around, come help us
[Celebrian] Denethor: *leers at Pippin*
[Frodo] Hmm?  Gollum!  O Gollum!  Whered you - AAAAH!  SPIDER!  RUNRUNRUNRUN!
[Eomer] Merry--hobbit that traveled with Frodo?
[Aragorn] Alrighty, off to hide in the boats so we can make a spiffy entrance later
[Figwit] No no, it's not me, that's why I'm confused...
[Eomer] Remember?
[Frodo] SAAAAAM!
[Sam] *finds lembas and gets a rush of conscience* *heads back up*
[Eowyn] Come on Merry! Angst away!
[Figwit] Merry:  I wanna fight!  All my friends get to fight!  It's not faaaaaiiiiir! *angsts*
[Celebrian] Shelob: *sneaks after Frodo*
[Sam] Coming!
[Eowyn] I wanna fight! I can fight! *angst*
[Gollum] We're gonna get PReCious!one!11!  OMG, we're looking forward to this.
[Frodo] Hey Galadriel.  I should use your glowstick now.  fear my nightlight!
[Pippin] I can fight too! But no one thinks I can! *am sad*
[Aragorn] *rides in boat with Elladan and dead people* This is fun
[Eowyn] ...shouldn't you be riding out now?
[Celebrian] Shelob: Mrr.. ow! That hurts my bloody contact lenses shortstuff!
[Elrond] Elladan: I like boats.
[Frodo] Yay! *runs away*
[Figwit] Merry: I think I'll stand here looking forlorn while everyone rides off leaving me all alone
[Pippin] Good for you, Elladan...
[Celebrian] Shelob: *comes after Frodo*
[Frodo] Ooh goody, fresh air.  Oh, and Gollum?  You suck.  Go away.
[Sam] *climbclimbclimbclimb*
[Eomer] *rides out now that Eowyn's on board, but incognito*
[Celebrian] *hangs behidn Frodo when he thinks all is clear... but the audience knows better and is shrieking*
[Gollum] We don't wanna!one11!  *whap*
[Frodo] *Wanders aimlessly* Whatever could that very soft sound of long legs on rocks be?
[Eowyn] *picks up Merry on horse* Ride with me and we will fight!
[Aragorn] It's kinda weird that your brother is dying off in Rivendell...Oh well.
[Gollum] *is gone*
[Pippin] Gandaaaalf! Denethor is insane! He wants to burn Faramir! Gandaaaalf!
[Figwit] Merry: Yippy!
[Celebrian] Shelob: Mweehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe *ahem* *stabs with pincer*
[Frodo] I'm so afraid!  Woe that I ever sent my wonderful servant away.  Oh Sam, you - URK!
[Elrond] Elladan: He was always a drama queen... king... drama king.
[Frodo] I have rabies! *"dies"*
[Celebrian] Shelob: *spins up in pretty web*
[Sam] Hello, what's this? I shall call you Sting!
[Sam] Drop him!
[Frodo] X_x
[Eowyn] Come on Merry! We can get rid of some of our angst...and then get even moer!
[Aragorn] Are we there yet?
[Frodo] Faramir: x_X
[Figwit] Merry: *gasp* It's Eowyn pretending to  be a man!
[Celebrian] Shelob: You're half my size--No!
[Figwit] *angsts for the hell of it*
[Pippin] Gandalf? *checks for wizard* You have to come here right now. Kinda urgent.
[Celebrian] Shelob: *fights with Sam*
[Gandalf] Oh what is it, Git... I mean Pippin?
[Figwit] Merry: Woe is me, I gave all my hobbit weed to Pippin
[Celebrian] Shelob: *manages to fondle Sam whilst fighting him*
[Eowyn] Well you're smart, now what do we do on this three day ride?
[Sam] GAH! You stop that now. I gots a girl at home! *poke*
[Pippin] Like, Denethor's insane, and he wants to burn himself, and you have to save Faramir, otherwise we're screwed...
[Aragorn] I'm still on a boat
[Frodo] Faramir: . . .x_X
[Celebrian] Shelob: Is that a pincer in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me
[Figwit] Merry:  Ten million billion tankards of ale on the wall....
[Celebrian] Denethor:  BURRRRRRNNN *angst*
[Pippin] See?
[Sam] *stab*
[Celebrian] Shelob: Ow.... meanie *scuttles off*
[Eowyn] Are the Orcs attacking Gondor yet? Because we're supposed to be late and all.
[Aragorn] Lalala...How much longer until my dramatic entrance?
[Elrond] Elladan: You wanna play cards?
[Frodo] *is "Dead"*
[Aragorn] Sure
[Eomer] Oh!  Look!  We're late, but we make such a wonderful picture against the sunset!
[Sam] I wanna die too so I can be with you. Yey! I can angst!
[Eowyn] We're not very good at being early to anything.
[Figwit] I think it's because watches haven't been invented yet.
[Eowyn] Theoden: We are riding to certain death....but fight anyway!
[Celebrian] Eowyn, now you know why you don't get invited to any rivendellian parties
[Frodo] Orcs: Rarr!
[Elrond] Elladan: Go fish.
[Eomer] Yes!  Ride to death!
[Eowyn] Drat...
[Pippin] Gandaaaalf! I can't do anything about this! I am a pwetty hobbit that can sing, but I cannot stop crazy kings from killing themselves!
[Eowyn] Yay!
[Aragorn] Drat. Got any...threes?
[Figwit] Merry: DEEEEEAAAAAATH!!!
[Sam] Blue. That means bad men are coming. Sorry, Master Frodo, but YOINK!
[Elrond] Elladan: Go fish.
[Frodo] *murmers something that sound suspiciously like "my preshus!!!!1111!!"(
[Aragorn] Why do you always win this game?
[Eowyn] Even though you have no expirence in riding whatsoever, take over the reigns as we go through these big monsters.
[Frodo] Orcs: Fresh meat! *steal Frodo* Oh by the way, she's alive.  Sucks to be Sam.
[Eomer] Because they sit around doing nothing but playing 'Go Fish' waiting for orcs
[Gandalf] Get the fire extinguisher!
[Gandalf] The baking soda!
[Figwit] Merry: Whee!  *grabs the reigns and steers around the Oliphaunts*
[Aragorn] Hey, our big entrance is coming up, we'd better get ready
[Pippin] Right. *does and puts out fire* I can do stuff!
[Gandalf] Oh go jump off a cliff, Denethor
[Eowyn] No you stupid hobbit not like-aieee!
[Celebrian] Denethor: *jumps*
[Sam] *hides*
[Celebrian] *pretty shot of Denethor dying*
[Frodo] Faramir: Oh, hi dad!  I'm not dead!
[Pippin] *looks at burning Denethor* Can we save Faramir now?
[Eowyn] Theoden: *crushed...literally*
[Eomer] Ooh!  What's that pretty flaming thing falling off the seventh level?
[Gandalf] Drama artist... as if dying by fire wasn't dramatic enough.
[Eowyn] Dunno, fireworks?
[Figwit] Merry: Woe is us!  *angsts*
[Celebrian] :P
[Eomer] Maybe.  but it's gone now
[Frodo] *angsts shirtlessly in tower* Look how sad and adorable and scarred I am!  They took my precious!  Waah!
[Figwit] Nm, we need a witch king
[Eowyn] Oh look! he Witch-King! NOw I must be kick-ass!
[Sam] So, self. Off to save Frodo... again?
[Celebrian] Denethor: *goes splat on Shadowfax* Denethor's ghost: Take that, Gandy!
[Eomer] Well, it's been fun, but there's a pretty little wench back in Edoras that I have a date with tonite, so..toodles! Let me know when I need to be back for Aragorn's coronation
[Figwit] Witch King: Rawr!  No man can kill me!
[Figwit] Fell Beast: Rawr!
[Gandalf] *swings at Denethor* Damn you for being dead!
[Pippin] *waves little "Go Eowyn"flag*
[Eomer] *rides like the wind back to Edoras, invoking Fangirl Travel Time to speed him*
[Eowyn] You won't touch him! he's already been married!
[Celebrian] *rememebers when Elrond used to rowr at her*
[Pippin] Ehm, Gandalf.. Fighting now?
[Aragorn] Is it time yet? I wish I had a watch...
[Eomer] *prods Aragorn*  It's time.
[Aragorn] Oy, right
[Figwit] Witch King: *points to Theoden* Feast on his flesh!
[Eomer] Go get 'em, tiger!
[Eowyn] Arg! The witch-king is chocking me!
[Gandalf] Right.We're going to die soon. There's going to be more white.
[Pippin] *pulls sword* Hahah! Beware of the Hobbits, for we bite your kneecaps!
[Frodo] I'm so bored.  I think I'll angst.  Mean ole' orcs!
[Eowyn] oh..wait...not yet.
[Figwit] Fell Beast: Rawr!
[Aragorn] *jumps off of boat* I'm heeere!
[Eowyn] *hacks at dragon like thing*
[Eomer] Legolas: I'm here, too.  Just look at my pretty hair!
[Elrond] Elladan: My brother is dying! Let's kill some orc!
[Figwit] Fell Beast: *is decapitated*
[Celebrian] (for speeding up) Sam: *goes see nakey Frodo and really wants to jump him*
[Eowyn] See? I can be kick-ass!
[Figwit] Witch King: *is mad*
[Aragorn] *kills orcs*
[Pippin] Congrats Eowyn. You pissed him off. Go you.
[Figwit] Witch King: *swings extremely oversized mace at Eowyn* No man can kill me!
[Eowyn] Die you ugly un-glompable thing!
[Frodo] They took the Ring, Sam!  The world is doomed!  I'm so angsty!
[Eowyn] Ah! *ducks*
[Aragorn] Go dead people!
[Eowyn] Hey Merry! Stab him already!
[Figwit] Witch King: *smashes Eowyn's shield*
[Celebrian]  Sam: The world isn't doomed, Istole this but here, I'llc arry you, you carry it, Oh look ta-da we'll eb on Mt Dom in no time.
[Frodo] MINE!
[Aragorn] Oh, Legolas, go kill that mumakil
[Frodo] But I trust you again.  Let's go angst!
[Sun Dec 28 20:59:06 EST 2003] Miss Cam: The Norwegian chick
[Frodo] I mean, save the world!
[Frodo] Cam! *waves*
[Eowyn] Um...Merry? *is coking*
[Eomer] Cam!  Hey!
[Eowyn] Hi Cam!
[Figwit] Merry: Right!
[Aragorn] Hiya ^_^
[Figwit] Merry: That's me!
[Celebrian] Sam: *picks up Frodo and carries him up Mount Dom in Orc amour*
[Pippin] *takes Faramir and drags him by hirself to the House of Healing* Stoopid random people...
[Eowyn] Yes it's you!
[Miss Cam] Ëvening all hobbits and men and what-not
[Figwit] Merry: *stabs Witch King*
[Pippin] Hi Cam! *waves*
[Celebrian] Heya
[Frodo] Audience: OMG!~  IT'S LIKE SOOOO SAD!
[Figwit] Witch King: *is very angry now*
[Miss Cam] are we re-enacting RotK?
[Figwit] Witch King: no MAN can kill me EHEM
[Aragorn] We are
[Frodo] @[email protected] All the angst is rushing to my head, Sam!
[Eowyn] Goodie! *pulls off helmet* I can kill you because I'm not a man! But a hormon induced Woman!
[Aragorn] We started at the CoE, believe it or not
[Celebrian] *prods Pelennor frields people* The lil guys are already on Mt. Dom you should probably get heading to the Black Gates
[Eowyn] *kills Witch-King*
[Figwit] Witch King: EEP! *dies a horrible painful screaming death*
[Pippin] We're trying to destroy Toey... *nods* This is our quest, you see?
[Miss Cam] good luck with *that*
[Figwit] Go Eowyn!
[Eowyn] Theoden: Hey Eowyn! You really can figh! *dies
[Sun Dec 28 21:01:06 EST 2003] SilentStep: Just an assassin.
[Frodo] Yup, and I hav sacrifised mi tiping abilitie too carrie Toy . . .
[Frodo] OMG Im lik soooo heroc!
[Eowyn] Noo! angst*
[Figwit] Merry: Woe is us!
[Celebrian] And I was sitting on Elrond' lap earlier, so became Celebrian :)
[Elrond] Gandalf, Sam, and Elrond will be back after this messages. (BRB)
[Figwit] Merry: *angsts*
[Gollum] We wants our PReshus!!one1!
[Figwit] *waves to SilentStep*
[Eowyn] *is carried to House of healing*
[Aragorn] Yay, all the orcs are dead...wonder how Frodo and Sam are doing....
[SilentStep] O, woe!  Wurra wurra!
[Eomer] Eomer REALLY needs to get offline soon
[Frodo] Ack!  He's back!  Protect me, Sam!
[Miss Cam] No Legolas about?
[Celebrian] Sam: Eep! Scary Gollum *hits over head*
[Eowyn] No, he left.
[Celebrian] He left...
[Pippin] And now I'm alone. Where's Aragorn? Your turn to help now! I am really useless... *sulks*
[Figwit] Merry: *stays all alone somewhere*
[SilentStep] *aims a bow*  I was just being camoflauged.  Of course I am here.
[Miss Cam] damn fickle Elves
[Frodo] I feel a sudden rush of strength.  Onward!
[Eowyn] Ohhhh...another hot man! *glopms Faramir*
[Aragorn] Oh right *goes to the Houses of Healing*
[Frodo] Faramir: Why, you're beautiful!
[Figwit] Merry: Woe is me, if only Pippin were here...
[Eomer] Since I'm just an extra with a name from here on out, according to PJ, I shall fade into the background now.
[Pippin] Like, finally...
[Aragorn] Oh well
[Eowyn] Really? At least someone finally likes me! *grins*
[Aragorn] Bye Eomer, hehe
[Pippin] Woe is me, for I really miss Merry.
[Frodo] Faramir: Not only that, you're angsty.  That's hot.  *snog*
[Eowyn] Ohhh *snog*
[Celebrian] Sam: *starts to cook some eggs for Frodo on mt. Dom* Want them sunny side up?
[Aragorn] Yay, Eowyn won't be glomping me anymore
[Celebrian] Sam: *is killing time*
[Frodo] Oh sure, that'd be great.
[Eowyn] Oh, by the way, I don't like you anymore Figwit, nor you Aragorn. *snog away*
[Celebrian]  Sam: *cooks and plates up*
[Figwit] Merry:  Ooooh Pippin, anytime ya wanna show up and help me would be fine
[Aragorn] Thank goodness
[Frodo] Faramir: ^_^ Yay.  SOmeone loves me!
[Figwit] Merry: Though SOON would be nice
[SilentStep] Legolas: *fires arrows at bales of hay*
[Pippin] Right. *shows up and helps* Better?
[Aragorn] Yes, soon, so we can all go to the Black Gate
[Eowyn] Yay! Someone dosen't mind me glomping them!
[Figwit] Merry: I'm better now!  Pippin saved me!
[Gollum] *naps while he waits, and counts Toeys jumping over a fence in his dream*
[Aragorn] Okay, yay, let's go off to the Black Gate then
[Pippin] *puts blanket over Merry* There, buddy...
[Eowyn] Can I come this time too?
[Aragorn] If we can find those dratted hobbits
[Figwit] Merry: Yay!  Now I think we should go charge a whole bunch of orcs at the black gate
[Frodo] Faramir: I feel so special.  I got me a foreign chick.
[Eowyn] I got me a hot dude!
[Gandalf] BACK
[Aragorn] No, you stay in Minas Tirith with your new sweetheart
[Celebrian] Sam: *quickly eats rest of eggs.* Come on Frodo, they got to the Black gates...we gotta get up Mt Dom after having a reminiscent time about th Shire.
[SilentStep] Legolas: (for the clarification of the Legolusters who won't understand anything unless Legolas says it very simply) A diversion!
[Pippin] Sounds like a good idea.
[Aragorn] Er, duh
[Frodo] The Shire . . . wait, what's that again?
[Figwit] Yes!  And Eowyn won't be there!
[Frodo] Doesnt' ring a bell . . .
[Figwit] Let's go!
[Eowyn] Ohh! We should go too! 'Cause we're angsty and kick-ass!
[Sam] back
[Frodo] Faramir: Yes!
[Aragorn] *rides towards the Black Gate in all his kingly-like glory*
[Eowyn] It's ok Figwit, I don't like you anymore anyway...
[Frodo] Faramir: . . . or we could just snog where eveyrone can see.
[SilentStep] But Eowyn, you're kind of wounded at this point...
[Gandalf] Dang, my cloak got muddy
[Celebrian] Sam: Green stuff all over the palce? Strawberries? That really hot chick with the big clevage I drool over every week? Woops *goes out of existance as AW takes over*
[Figwit] Oh, alright then, I'll stay here where I won't die
[Eowyn] Or we could do that.
[Sam] I like strawberries
[Frodo] Nope, I got nothin.
[Sam] Dang
[Aragorn] *arrives at the Black Gate* Yo, Sauron!
[Pippin] Let's fight and get this over with... *pulls sword again*
[Sam] Well, care for a piggy back?
[Celebrian] *continues witth her redecorating of rivendell*
[Figwit] Merry: I'm so totally ready to die horribly!
[Pippin] Me too.
[Eowyn] So...when exactly do we show up again?
[Gandalf] Your Mother smelt of endleberries!
[Aragorn] Come on out and let us give you a good thrashing
[Figwit] *elderberries
[SilentStep] Legolas: No, your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!  You must get this right!
[Frodo] I feel a sudden surge of strength!  Again!  *run*
[Gandalf] I'm still the Demi-god
[Figwit] Merry: can we charge yet?
[Pippin] Come on, icky Orcs! I'll kick your ass!
[Aragorn] Okay, it's time for my rousing speech
[Eowyn] I'm still the glomping one!
[Pippin] *sticks out tounge at random Orcs*
[Frodo] I'm still the doey eyed angsty one!
[SilentStep] Legolas: I am beside a friend, so I guess it's okay to die horribly.
[Celebrian]  *calls Galdriel* Any news on where everyone is? Still on that Quest? Eru...
[Sam] I slice! I dice! I make coney stew!
[Sam] Take that!
[Aragorn] I see in your eyes the same fear....oh forget it, you all know the line
[Frodo] Only now, I'm an EVIL looking doey eyed angsty one!
[Aragorn] Charge!
[Sam] You suck, Mr Frodo
[Aragorn] *wonders what happened to the horses* they died.
[SilentStep] Legolas: *in elvish*  Yaaaah!
[Celebrian] Like Bill.
[Gollum] We aren't deads yet!  ...Oh, and we still wants the PreSHus! *whaps randomly*
[Figwit] Merry: *Charges and quickly falls behind the longer legged men*
[Aragorn] *kills more orcs*
[Gandalf] *sees Eagles*
[Pippin] *helps Merry up and charges like an angry tiny person* Kill! kill! Hahaah!
[Aragorn] Oh no! I'm about to get squished!
[Figwit] Merry: *kills lotsa stuff*
[SilentStep] Legolas: *runs towards Aragorn, but is kinda blocked by orcs*
[Celebrian] *mutters* Stupid Wood-elves
[Frodo] BwaHAhaHahahaA its al min my preshus lik omg mi fingur!!!!111!!!!
[Pippin] *kills even more stuff* Ah, that will look good on my floor back home! *looks at ugly Orc* No wait... It won't. Darn.
[Aragorn] Still about to get squished....
[Aragorn] *stabs troll in the foot* I'm going to die, this sucks
[SilentStep] Legolas: Yeah, I'm fighting my way over, but there are all these ORCS in the way.  So annoying.
[Gollum] *chews on finger*  Yay!!!!111oneoneone1!  WE gots it, like OMGOmG!11one
[Gandalf] *whaps Pippin* Yell it's the eagles. Get on with it!
[Frodo] Waaah!  You're so MEEEN!
[Pippin] right. *yells* It's the EAGLES! *looks at Merry* Happy?
[Frodo] I'm going UNDER! *falls over the edge with Gollum*
[Figwit] Merry: very good
[Celebrian] *attempts to teach Elrond how to tango*
[Aragorn] Destroy the ring already! I'm about to get flattened here
[Sam] *Is all dizzy and the like*
[Elrond] Tango?
[Celebrian] *nod* you're too uncultured
[Pippin] I just wanted to FIGHT some more... But nobosy listens to the tiny Hobbit with the pretty voice. *mutters*
[Elrond] O.o
[Frodo] Toey: . . .well this sucks. *melts*
[SilentStep] Legolas: *kills some more orcs*  If I get a bruise on my forehead again, heads will roll, I tell you.
[Gollum] *falls*  OMG, We're steell happy!one *dies*
[Celebrian]  Don't turn this into another argument!
[Eowyn] Yay! The Ring has melted!
[Pippin] Eagles: Wheee...
[Figwit] Merry: Yay!
[Celebrian] Whee!
[Frodo] Waah, I deserve to die.
[Aragorn] Oh, whew, just in time
[Celebrian] Denethor: *splat*
[Celebrian] Shlob: *poor abdomen*
[Sam] Well, look at this... Mt Doom is exploding. Do you suppose we should get out?
[Celebrian] *Shelo
[Figwit] Merry: Woe is us! the mountain is exploding!  *angsts*
[Celebrian] *Shlob
[SilentStep] Legolas: I will almost have a facial expression with joy at the ring's destruction!
[Celebrian]  *Shelob
[Frodo] Unless, of course, my loyal servant were to pull me out of this perilous position.
[Pippin] Run away! Run awaaay!
[Frodo] Hint hint.
[Figwit] *runs away*
[Sam] Well you shouldn't have fallen in the first place.
[Sam] *gives a hands up*
[Frodo] Oh just save me, Sam.
[Frodo] Dramatic music: *swells*
[SilentStep] Legolas: Or not joy.  Because I think the hobbits just got killed.  I will nearly have a facial expression with sorrow.
[Figwit] Merry: *angsts*
[Celebrian] *sees big boob of lava*
[Pippin] Frodo... *sobs*
[Frodo] Hooray, my loyal servant has saved me!  I love you, Sam.  In a totally platonic way.
[Celebrian] *boom!
[Sam] Run away! Run Away!
[Celebrian] Boom!
[Aragorn] Well, Frodo did it
[Figwit] *blinks* a big boob of lava?
[Eowyn] hee
[Celebrian] Toey's after effects
[Pippin] Go Frodo. All brave and stuff...
[Sam] Get on the rock. We'll be safe here
[Pippin] *giggles insanely*
[Sam] If not... do you suppose we could duck and cover?
[Frodo] Oh wait, NOW I remember!  The Shire!  Lots of green stuff, strawberries, dopey natives . . .
[Eowyn] And now we must have 4 different ending to confuse the audience!
[Aragorn] Toey's evil will certainly hang around for a while...
[Aragorn] Yay!
[Gandalf] I get to ride Eagles... again!
[Gandalf] Yey
[Pippin] Eagles: well... You think we should perhaps, oh I don't know... save the halflings?
[Frodo] I'm glad you're here with me, Sam, at the end of all things.  I have someone to angst at.
[Gandalf] Oh I suppose. They did save Middle Earth and all
[Celebrian]  *turns up at Gondor after all the dead bodies have been cleaned up*
[SilentStep] Legolas: Shouldn't the heat rising from the lava be WAYY too much for anyone to possibly survive, even if they didn't actually come in contact with it?
[Sam] I want Rosie
[Eowyn] *shrugs*
[Figwit] *thwaps Legolas*
[Celebrian] I want Elrond
[Frodo] Slashers: No you dont'!  YOu want Frodo!
[Figwit] Stop trying to be logical!
[SilentStep] Legolas: Ow.
[Elrond] Right here, Baby
[Aragorn] Let's get along with the coronation thing
[Sam] (to the Slashers) Bite me.
[Pippin] well, OK then... Get up Gandalf! (Oh, that sounded so wrong...)
[Eowyn] Yay! Coronation! That means I'm back!
[Aragorn] Oh wait, we have to have a cute reunion scene first
[Gandalf] You're sick. *climbs up*
[Celebrian] *turns up in cute reunion scene and sits on bed*
[Eowyn] Ok....who's in the reunion ssene?
[Frodo] Hey Sam, wouldn't it be great if some eagles came and saved us so that we could actually have a reunion?
[Eowyn] scene*
[Aragorn] I am. *stands and smiles at Frodo*
[Pippin] Eagles: Yeah, yeah... *flies and saves Sam and Frodo*
[Sam] Yeah... that would be neat. I love you Frodo
[SilentStep] Legolas: *walks in and almost has ANOTHER facial expression. Stands there and looks pretty.*
[Frodo] Gandalf!  I'm so happy!
[Frodo] Yay!  Everyone is alive and well and now I am NOT angsty.  Joy!
[Eowyn] *stands there and looks ready to glomp the next thing that moves*
[Figwit] Merry: *points at Aragorn* You're wearing a dress in this scene!
[Gandalf] I laugh for the first time... since the first scene. Yey me.
[Frodo] Faramir: *moves*
[Dor] Boromir:  Not everyone, Frodo.  *pouts*
[Aragorn] But I look good in it
[Eowyn] *glomps Faramir*
[Sam] I stand and smile.
[Pippin] *hugs Frodo* Hi! You saved us all! Go you!
[Frodo] Oh who cares, you're a stalker.
[Celebrian] *turns up with Elrond at coronation*
[Sam] *angsts*
[Figwit] Merry: Awesome, are we sufficiently reunion-ed?
[Frodo] Faramir: *is glomped* ^_^
[Gandalf] Yes. I think so
[Aragorn] Yeah...
[Eowyn] *looks ready to snog Faramir at Coronation*
[Figwit] Alright, coronation time
[Gollum] *gives an "I wuz tempted by Toey!one!11!" bumper sticker to Boromir*
[Frodo] Yup, I think that's enough reunion.  Let's go somewhere I can angst some more.
[Pippin] Come one now, Hobbits... Time to bow at the King!
[SilentStep] Legolas: I am going to go stand with the rest of the elves now. Bye, mortal suckers!
[Celebrian] Who does Aragorn get to snog though?
[Figwit] *stands way back and watches Aragorn get crowned*
[Sam] Now I can have Rosie!
[Aragorn] Elrohir of course
[Celebrian] Oh okay
[Gandalf] I give you a crown that doesn't suck.
[Aragorn] Wow, thanks
[Pippin] Pretty crown...
[Eowyn] Yay! Now we can all have non-angsty lives!
[Frodo] Even though I've saved the world and am back safe and sound at home with my purely platonic best friend and his wife to take care of me, I am STILL angsty.
[Celebrian] *stands behind Elrohir, with Elrond*
[Eowyn] And a husband/wife!
[SilentStep] Legolas: Except for me.  The sea is calling!  But I do not want to leave!
[Aragorn] Hey Legolas. You're wearing a tiara, that's great. I'll give you a special shoulder squeeze now
[Pippin] Yeah, well... Almost everyone... *glares at Frodo*
[Eowyn] Well, and Frodo, it was too late for him
[SilentStep] Legolas: It's a better tiara than YOU have.  I mean... um, congrats.  *shoulder squeeze*
[Pippin] Poor bastard... *shakes head*
[Aragorn] Thanks....
[Figwit] Merry: hmph, some people are just too angsty
[Aragorn] Oh, I wonder, who is that hiding behind that banner? Hey Elrond...
[Eowyn] And too currupted.
[Elrond] Now I give you my son because you basically save all our arses
[Celebrian] Yeah, good job on that ;)
[Elrond] And now I smile for the first time in the movie!
[Figwit] *cheers and claps*
[Aragorn] Yey *snogs Elrohir*
[Eowyn] *cheers and glomps Faramir*
[SilentStep] Legolas: The sea!  The sea!  The white gulls are calling... *wanders off*  Wait, Gimli, what are you still doing here?
[Pippin] Wow, look kiddies... Elrond smiles! *is shocked*
[Celebrian] *groans as her son makes a fool out of himself by groping Aragorn's bum while they kiss*
[Eowyn] Holy crap!
[Elrond] ...I think I broke my face
[Frodo] This is nice and all, but I'm STILL angsty!~
[Aragorn] Now we all have to bow to the hobbits
[Eowyn] That's your problem.
[Figwit] Merry: Whoa, Everyone is bowing to me...I feel so tall!
[Sam] I have no shoes... and I'm still a gardner
[Frodo] I feel so . . . angsty!
[Eowyn] Don't get useed to it shorty.
[Pippin] I feel so... hungry.
[Pippin] *eats left-over mushrooms*
[SilentStep] Random hobbit back at the Shire: *glares at Merry/Pippin/Sam/Frodo*
[Frodo] Sigh.  The Shire is dull.   *Drinks beer*
[Figwit] Merry: Right, time to go home
[Celebrian] *tangoes back to Rivendell with Elrond*
[Eowyn] No more movie time...*turns to Faramir* Now what?
[Sam] I could grow a pumpkin bigger than that
[Figwit] Merry: So, Sam, how's things with Rosie?
[Frodo] Faramir: Let's go get hitched!
[Sam] Right! Rosie!
[Pippin] Yeah. *is curious*
[Eowyn] Alright! *they do*
[Figwit] Merry: Wedding time!
[SilentStep] Legolas: *wanders all over Middle-Earth*  Why is this dwarf still following me?
[Sam] *swig* ... maybe just another one. *swig*
[Frodo] Frodo: Snog her!  Snog her!'
[Figwit] *cheers for Sam and Rosie*
[Sam] *snogs her*
[Pippin] *throws rice*
[Pippin] *throws flowers*
[Frodo] Okay, I can go to paradise now.  By everyone, it's been real!
[Eowyn] Now we're all hitched!
[Sam] Rosie: throws the flowers
[Eowyn] Except for Frodo, but he's angsty.
[SilentStep] Legolas: *leaves Middle-Earth*  This dwarf is STILL following me!  Someone get it off!
[Pippin] *catches* wee...
[Figwit] *sobs* We'll miss you, Frodo, Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel and Bilbo!
[Sun Dec 28 21:25:14 EST 2003] Elessar: Isildur's Heir...yay! -Artemis
[Pippin] Farewell, Frodo... *sobs*
[Gandalf] I come with a covers wagon... Wagons... East!
[Gandalf] er... WEST
[Figwit] Merry: *sobs*
[Frodo] I'll miss you wall.  Waah.
[Celebrian]  *decided to hop a boat to the Grey Havens*
[Frodo] But hey, I'm goin to paradise.  SO for once, I'm not angsty!
[Pippin] We'll miss you too! Now who shall we have to angst all the time?
[Elrond] Aren't you going to be late for your meetings in Valanor?
[Frodo] I'm sure you'll find someone.
[Sam] My turn!
[Celebrian] Eh, oh well.
[Eowyn] Like Sam!
[Figwit] Merry: *waves bye-bye*
[Sam] I'm mayor!
[Frodo] *hops boat* see ya!
[Pippin] *waves*
[Gandalf] Wait for me! *runs along the dock*
[Elessar] Bye daddy-in-law
[Eowyn] Bye...people!
[Pippin] I'd better get married and name my son Faramir. *does*
[Sam] I'll follow you soon enough, Mr Frodo.
[Figwit] Merry: I think there's an important line that Sam should say
[Celebrian] I'd better... hang out in the Grey Havens with my Elf.
[SilentStep] Legolas: *in the Gray Havens*  Why was this dwarf even allowed to follow me?
[Elessar] Elrohir and I will eventually have a whole bunch of daughters and one cute little son. We'll name him Eldarion
[Elrond] I like boats. Shall we go ... below deck, my love?
[Eowyn] Ok...what now?
[Figwit] Merry: *coughWellI'mbackcough*
[Celebrian] Of course, my dear *winks and watches as all other boat participants have a unaninmous "eww"*
[Frodo] Faramir: Let's snog some more!
[Eowyn] Ok!
[Sam] I have the most beautiful daughter in the Shire. I named her after a flower!
[Pippin] *drinks beer* That's fantastic, Sam.
[Figwit] Rosie: Hello Sam, anything you'd like to say that would give the entire book closure?
[Sam] I'm mayor again
[Sam] Well, I'm back.
[Frodo] End Credits: It's over.  Go home.
[Celebrian] Yey!
[Eowyn] Finally!
[Elessar] Yay!
[Frodo] Wow.  We actually did it.
[Celebrian] That was fun!
[SilentStep] *everyone cheers*
[Figwit] Hurray!
[Sam] lol
[Pippin] We did it! *cheers*
[Eowyn] Pretty pictures!
[Frodo] Go us! ^_^
[Figwit] *jumps up and down*
[Eowyn] Hee
[Elessar] ^__^
[Frodo] Yaaay!
[SilentStep] Legolas:  Now there are pretty credits!
[SilentStep] I can save the end part of it...
[Celebrian] *sits on Elrond's lap, just as the whole thing began*
[Elessar] See ya Frodo ^_-
[Figwit] I think the song during the RotK credits were the best
[Eowyn] *sits in Gimli's chair* It's still a comfy chair
[SilentStep] Yay!  Post them on the board.
[Elessar] Wow, how fun
[Eowyn] Yay!
[Figwit] *waves*
[Elrond] *Huggles his wife... who technically wasn't suppose to be here.. but who cares*
[Celebrian] ^_^
[Elessar] I wonder how many other people have gone through all three movies like that, hehe
[Elrond] It's a good thing we didn't do the WHOLE book... it's a good thing that we just started at the council
[Eowyn] oh yes
[Elessar] Good point
[Figwit] *nods*
[Celebrian] *plays with her husband's braids*
[Celebrian] Oh Gosh... go to sleep little Hobbit
[Sun Dec 28 21:31:47 EST 2003] Fawkes: But still Eowyn-ish
[Elessar] Yup, three is my bed time
[Elrond] Night all who are going. ^^
[Fawkes] really?
[Elessar] Ditto
[Fawkes] bye!
[Figwit] Make sure to tell us when this is posted somewhere, if it is.
[Miss Cam] as it's late in Norway too, I shall also bugger off
[Elessar] Yes, three in the morning is my bed time
[Miss Cam] you're all insane, by the way
[Celebrian] I think we'll post it on the board and on LotM...
[Miss Cam] *waves*
[Elrond] I will be. On my site. Cause it's too good. (did you enjoy it Cam?)
[Fawkes] Yes, yes we are
[Celebrian] :)
[Elessar] ^___^
[Miss Cam] What I saw of it, yes
[Elessar] *snickers* That was fun
[Elessar] How long did that take anyway?
[Celebrian] 2.5 hours

(now this one is all over. Go home... unless you all ready are)

Eowyn/Theoden: Fawkes
Artemis: Aragorn
Figwit/End Merry/Rosie/Witch-King/Fell Beast: Catalyst
Beginning Legolas/Slasher: Teena
End Legolas: SilentStep
Celebrian/Substitute Sam/Denethor/Shelob: bjam
Bill the Pony/Gollum: Jon
Beginning Merry: Kara
Glorfindel/Boromir: Luhtarian
Gimli: WyldeHorse
Omnipotent Narrator/Beginning Gandalf: Huinesoron
Pippin/The Eagles: Ekwy
Frodo/Faramir/Occasional Audience Member/Toey: Andy
End Gandalf/Sam/Elrond/Elladan: AW
Gandalf before Quest Started: WfR
Audience Member/Soldier of Gondor: Dor
Miss Cam as being herself

Special Thanks to:
The Count (who loves to count things) for starting this whole mess...
bjam for logging this who thing
Hard core LotR fans
Twisted humour
Dull days perfect for RPGing