The Multiverse Monitor
The Tabloid of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum
A series of editorials, the only surviving element of the original PPC Multiverse Monitor
A tabloid paper, and the only REAL Multiverse Monitor - if you believe its editors, which you probably shouldn't.

The New Multiverse Monitor:
Issue 1 | Issue 2
A beautifully-made and sporadically-published magazine for PPC HQ.
The Monitor Archives
PPC-related websites rescued from the ravages of time.
The archives of the PPC Posting Board.
An archive, memorial, and shrine to the last day of the original PPC Board.
The badfics that inspired the PPC's Original Series, as far they have been recovered.
The interesting parts of Oddlots, Philosopher@Large's homepage and the former PPC hub.
A partial archive of, long-time home of the PPC and OFUM.
A classic MST archive by one of the PPC's famous early members, Al's Waiter.
The very first PPC text ever seen.
Friends & Relations
Other notable PPC archives
Neshomeh's archive of otherwise-lost PPC missions.
Tomash's human-readable archive of the PPC Board (since 2008).
Every (previously-)unarchived PPC story hosted on