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Okay. Things you should and should not do when writing spinoffs. This is, generally, only "should".
  1. Email Miss Cam or ask at the PPC Board for permission before posting. If you don't do this, at the very least tell us you've written one and send the link, so it can be linked in the Archive. Also if you don't get it beta'd, use a spellcheck.
  2. If you're introducing a new Department, keep to the naming traditions. Department of Mary Sues, Department of Bad Slash, Department of Personnel, Department of Intelligence.. are you seeing a pattern? Good. Stick to it.
  3. We've written some fun gadgets. Use them. This is, obviously, only a suggestion.
  4. Another stylistic suggestion: Inside jokes are fun. Many jokes about Discworld, a few movies, and various random things we've seen online are made in the original PPC, the towel stuff in Clan of the Cactus made me giggle, it's fun.
  5. Say, in your Author's Note, what fic you're entering. New spinoff writers need to know what has and hasn't been done. MSTers may be looking for material. Morbidly curious people like me may actually want to read the fics.
  6. Pay attention to the Backstory. Try not to contradict.
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