i. the discourses

— Feminist? If you say so… 4/14/03

'Frightful Beauties' — Remarks on Hugo's "Waterloo" 4/15/03

How Is Cardinal Law Like Britney Spears? 4/27/03

Deja Vu 7/3/03

Fixing the Widgets 9/01/03

A Bloody Mess — Religion, Politics, Fanfiction 5/1/04

 ii. the resources

Susan Fenimore Cooper, 
     Female Suffrage (85k)

Victor Hugo, 
     "Waterloo"(PDF file, 375k)

J.S. Mill, 
     On Liberty (290k)

J.S. Mill, 
     On The Subjection of Women (270k)

Wendell Phillips,
     Women's Rights (55k)

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