Smite the Unbeliever!

There is a crudely-drawn image stuck to the back of the cabinet.

A sheet of paper is stuck below the image, peeling at the corners. Under it are three small boxes.

This is Araeph. Or at least, it's a representation of her, as I haven't the slightest clue what she looks like. As this representation is made to be smited (Smitten? Smote?), it really doesn't matter.

Araeph is our resident infidel, and for some unknown reason, she wishes for us to smite her. I doubt even the Goddess knows why.

So, how would you like to Smite Araeph?

WARNING: Clicking on any 'Smite' option will lead to blood-and-guts excessive stick-Araeph dying.

Step Away From The Cupboard