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Need help with writing a mst or fanfiction of any kind? Good! The first step is to admit you have a problem.

The next step is to learn how to do it right and then after that, be prepred to get critiques from people. Those who can not take corrections on their writting will never improve! Right now this help archive is pretty empty, I know, but give us some time and we'll fill it with good stuff really soon.

Who or What is a Mary Sue?
- pinpointing what a Mary Sue is

How to Write Good Fanfiction
- generic essay on writing good fanfiction

How to Write a Mst (and Make it Funny)
- instructions on how to mst (work in progress due to content)

Constructive Criticism and Flaming 101
- the differences between the two

Good Fiction Recommendations
- good fics that we think you should read (coming soon)

Why Run From the Canon Police?
- a series of essays, rants and other things

The Problems with Mary Sues - Part One / Part Two