Fanart for the Official Fanfic University of Middle-Earth

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Learning through pain?Elves in black leatherElves in black leather 2

Art by Pika, animation by Millikov

OFUM Fanart

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Elrond at blackboard Run, Legolas, Run!

The Fellowship Mantra and its creator by Aranel

After long empirical research it was this scene that finally convinced Elrond hormones were immortal. Image by Bold Font. Coloured by AW.

squashed fangirl

"Oh dear. I do believe I have squashed a fangirl." (Picture and caption by Bold Font)

Pika's Black Leather sketches

Elves in Black Leather

The Elves in Black Leather. Image by Pika

Gil-galad in black leather Elladan and Elrohir in black leather

The High King Himself, Gil-galad and his keen lance. What? Image by Pika

The sons of Lord Elrond join the fight. Image by Pika

Celebrian in black leather Galadriel in black leather

One very irate Lady of Imladris. Image by Pika

Lady Galadriel's punishment for students thinking naughty thoughts - Ooops, they did it again. Image by Pika

Strider in black leather Turin in black leather

King Elessar relaxes in Black Leather (as you do). Image by Pika

Turin, He of Many Names discovers a new joy -- passing misery onto students. Image by Pika

Boromir and Faramir in black leather Gollum in black leather

Faramir and Boromir contemplate the advantages of death versus life -- less fangirls. Image by Pika

Gollum tries to be a ladies' man . . . Hobbit . . . Thing . . . Image by Pika

Frodo and Sam teach Platonic love the Nuzgul -- the Tolkien plotbunny

It's not easy to teach platonic love when students (and the One Ring) refuse to believe two such cutsies would not a-boink the day long. Image by Pika

The Vicious Nuzgul, always ready to bite. Image by Pika

Glorfindel, the leader of S.I.C.T.N.I.T.M the Witch-Wall

The Leader of S.I.C.T.N.I.T.M. Image by Pika

Master Poet and Evil Minion Extraordinaire, the Witch-Wall. Image by Pika

Elrond, Naturally Nine the Ginadiel mini

"You shall count to Nine . . ." Image by Pika

Poor, confused Ginadiel, the mini with Identity Crisis. Image by Pika

Sauron with KICK ME! sign taped to his back Legolas horrified and squicked


Legolas discovers just what he gets up to in fanfics . . . Image by Pika

Merry and Pippin, the Urple Bandits Ro-Hans, the giant German hamster

The Urple Bandits Cometh. Image by Pika

The giant German hamster Ro-Hans in all his rodent glory. Image by Pika

Legolas meets Will Turner comic strip on the dangers of fanart in OFUM

Evil! Care Bears on the attack, Legolas meeting Will Turner, Gollum stealing the Holy Grail . . . Just another day at OFUM. Image by Pika

Mini-Balrogs see all and hear all and are ever vigilant. Image by Blume

a cute li'l mini-Balrog another mini-Balrog

The always adorable mini-Balrogs. Image by Blume

Loth Lorien, the mini-Balrog

Loth Lorien is watching you . . .

Image by Ailanreanter

hammock Legolas little sketch of Miss Cam herself, with paddle and mini-Balrog

What Miss Cam always wanted, a Hammock Legolas. Image by Bold

Image by Jay

Toey helping itself to some wine Toey and Breadlegs, getting married

Image by X-Piig

Image by X-Piig

official OFUM wallpaper

OFUM Wallpaper by CJK

Fan-banners for Merry and Pippin's Giant Slash Orgy

Merry and Pippin's Giant Slash Orgy banner 1
Merry and Pippin's Giant Slash Orgy banner 2
Merry and Pippin's Giant Slash Orgy banner 3
Merry and Pippin's Giant Slash Orgy banner 4

Banners by Saphie, Merc, Kaltia and Doubtful Salmon

Elrond as Santa Claus Celebrian as Santa Claus

It's Yuletime at OFUM . . . Images by Willa

Everyone's favourite Evil!Fathers. Image by Pika

The more enjoyable views of OFUM... Image by Pika

Lina and Grimli. Image by J.S

Lina and Gimli are invited to a meeting of the Black Leather Alliance of Men and Elves, and dress accordingly. Image by Galatea

All art belongs to their respective artists. I merely have permission to display them here, I do not own them (I can't draw . . .). Hug a Fanartist, Avoid a Miss Cam *TWOP*