The Official Fanfic University of Middle-Earth

"Never mess with a land where magic exists," the man went on. Then he took a deep breath and launched into what had to be a pre-planned speech. "But do not despair. You can still write fanfic. All you have to do is enrol and pass The Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth. OFUM offers a wide range of subjects as diverse as Evil Is as Evil Does 101 taught by the esteemed Sauron himself and Poetry 202 with highly acclaimed author of 'Merry Dol and Dong Dillo: How to keep your neighbours out'; the one and only Tom Bombadil. Our esteem teaching staff also includes other well-known residences of Middle-earth. Upon successful completion you will be given a licence to write LotR fanfic. All clear?"

-- One to Lina, explaining OFUM

Miss Cam herself
Image by AW
Miss Cam herself, with paddle, in front of the university
OFUM slogan

Read the First Year here

Read the Second Year here

New link to, sadly, deleted OFUM2 and it can no longer be found there

Enrolment for year two is CLOSED at present. With 500 enrolled, OFUM's full.

Cunning Plans Gone Awry a.k.a. The OFUM Chapter That Never Was (But Did Happen)
OFUM Characters go to Earth, meeting actors and fangirls alike and there is mayhem, insanity and world domination plots. Takes place during OFUM2's ch. 38&39. WIP. Part 7&8 up.

To read a German translation of OFUM's first year, go here

Mini-Balrog graphic
"Every name spelled wrong in _Rings_,
a MiniBalrog gets its 'wings'"

-- The Philosopher At Large, in a comment about OFUM

Sadly, mini-Balrog adoption is no longer possible officially - but if you spot one in the wild, why not give it a new home?

Miss Cam's (Ever-Growing) List O'Mini-Balrogs

See all the OFUM fanart here. Note that the page may take a while to load.

OFUM Words and Phrases

N�tuvaly� an nert�
Nert� na i n�t� n�tinocca
Iln�tuvaly� an kainen
Laum� an minqu�
Nert� na i n�t� otornass�o
Translated by Ninquelosse

The Spin-Offs

If you want to do a spin-off of OFUM, it's quite easy:

  • No longer any need to ask permission - if you want to do one, feel free.
  • Do remember to add some credit to Miss Cam, as otherwise it will be plagiarism.
  • Spell check is vital - as is minding your grammar
  • Remember "learning through pain" and do not engage your own fangirlish/fanboyish impulses
  • Have fun!

The list below is out of date, but contains some of the OFUs that originally were done with permission.

You can also find many of the OFUs listed below in the OFU C2 archive at

Authorised OFUs:

The Official Fanfiction University Of DragonBall Z by Bananagirl
The Anime Fanfiction University by Shaun
The Hogwarts Fanfiction Academy by Meir Brin
In the Keeping of HFA (Sequel to The Hogwarts Fanfiction Academy) by Meir Brin
The Fantastic Saga of SNAOL by SNAOL
The Official Fanfiction University of Ranma 1/2 by Srac
The Official Fanfiction University of YYH by The Great Hooble
The Official Fanfiction University of Inuyasha by Lady Spirits of Love [Abandoned]
Fowl Fanfiction Boarding School by TrisaniSlytherin
L'Academie de Moulin Rouge by Sabrina Levelle
The Fantasy Fanfiction Schola by DeeSaccachi
Official Fanfiction University of Arrakis by Harmony
Official Buffy and Angel Fanfiction University by HonorH
Ducks University of Fan Fiction by The-perfect-Elf
Weaving Worlds Academy by Adele Elisabeth
The Official Fanfiction Academy of Chrono Trigger by DDR Freak
Final Fantasy Fanfiction Academy by Leez (FF 7-10)
Official University of Baldur's Gate Fanfiction by Kaltia
Xavier Fanfiction Institute by Michelle Solo (Movieverse)
The Official Fanfiction University of The XFiles by Rosie Cotton
The Baker Street Fanfiction Academy Juliet Norrington
Fiction University of Original Fantasy ElvenArcher1
Ella Enchanted University by Lizzy Addams
The Fanfiction Academy of Tortall by salsa
Official Fanfiction Collegium of Valdemar by WyldeHorse
The Official Jak and Daxter Fanfiction University by Rachel and Lauren
Official Fanfiction University of Narnia by Ash
Training School for Therapists of Evil Villains by AmazingBlazes
The Official Fanfiction University of Rekka no Ken by Vyctori
The Winding Circle Temple of Fanfiction by Dragonlet1
Official Fanfiction University of Crossovers by XNemesis
The Official Fanfiction University of Kanto by TRF-chan
The Official Fanfiction University of Belisaere by Meitian
Official Fanfiction University of the Outsiders by Pained Soul Wolf Goddess
The Olympian Academy of Fanfiction by Wiccanwitch
Oxford Fanfiction University by La Coordinatrix
The Weiss Fanfiction Academy by Jiasa Stormcloud
The Official Fanfiction University of Troy by Hobbit-eyes
The Official Fanfiction University of the Arcadian Skies by Taslin-Jewel-of-Glacia
Pokemon Fanfiction Academy by LadyUmbra
The Fanfiction University of GunSmoke by ANBU Kakashi
Official Fanfiction Academy of the Nine Kingdoms by Nine Kingdoms Expert
Official Fanfiction University of Alagaesia by Evil Bob
The Official Fanfiction University of Weyard by Empress Dotdotdot
The Newbie Academy of Corrugate by Mala
The Official Wicked Fanfiction University by sweet saturn
The Official Fantasy Fiction University by Rednal29
Gladitorial Fanfiction University by Anam Cliste
Official Fanfiction University of Angel Sanctuary by Omnipotent Pyro
SOLOMON Fanfiction University by Robin X Amon
The Official University of Charmed Fanfiction by Sempronia
OFUST: DS9 by Hellfire04
Official PhanPhiction Academy by M.A.Kolb
The Official Fanfiction University of Cats by Ekwy
The Official Fanfiction Academy of Teen Titans by RaeBBfolife
The Annals of BelMal Tech by Izza
The Vagrants' Fanfiction Discipline by Mushrooms
The Alchemists' Fanfiction Academy by Amaterasoe
The Labyrinth Academy by Fou Fou
The Veronica Mars School of Fanfiction by alliterator
The Official Fanfiction University of CSI by CSICo-ordinator
The Bartimaeus Fanfiction Academy by The Grimoire
Official Fanfiction University of Zi by Devil Dog
Official Fanfiction University of Final Fantasy by Miss J
Stars Hollow Official Fanfiction University by finn carter
The Hollow Bastion Fan Fiction Academy by Ranko Urameshi
The Matherion Fanfiction University by Prophet-Song
The Official Fanfiction University of Lylat by Ellaya
Official Fanfiction University for Naruto by Kyuubi no Kitsune9
Universit� des �crivains Mis�rables by
Bubonic Woodchuck
The Official Fanfiction University of Amity Park by
Janette Morgan The Official Fanfiction University of Akilectopia by
Daidaro The Official Fanfiction University of Alaga�sia by
Miz Turwaithiel The Stargate Official Fanfiction University by
DT Maxwell The Official Fanfiction University of the Island by
Ashley Potter