The Holy Book of GreyLadyBast

Chapter I: The Coming of the Visions

1. And lo, I was just preparing myself for sleep, having eaten a meal of many varied mushrooms, when suddenly the Goddess herself manifested before me.

2. No, really, she did. And she was clad in grey silk, and wore her Most Holy Hat, for which one of her names is given.

3. And the Goddess spoke unto me, and said unto me, �Dafydd, you should not eat mushrooms such as those. They are clearly affecting your mind in ways which will reduce your performance on our next mission.�

4. And then the vision of the Goddess dissolved into that of my partner, Agent Selene. And she gave me a drink to remove the toxins from my blood, and I fell into a deep slumber.

5. And in the morning, when I awoke, I realised that what Selene had thought was a hallucination was in fact a coded message from the Goddess, meant only for me to understand. And after much research, I translated the Message.

6. �Lo,� the Goddess had said. �Praise me and be thankful, Dafydd, for I have come to you now to reveal unto you the Most Divine Secrets of my Holy Book.

7. �And you will take this message unto the congregation, and force them to read it by any means necessary. And if they do not, I shall smite them.

8. �Yet not all shall be revealed now, for my time is short. I must impart this message to you over the course of several days. In order to receive it, be sure to partake of the small red mushrooms with the glowing spots on.�

9. And thus spoke the Goddess, and then the vision left me, and I was weak. But on the next night, I partook of the mushrooms, and much was told to me.

10. You don�t believe me, do you?

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