The Holy Book of GreyLadyBast

There is a book in the cupboard which can only be called a tome. It is open to the first page.

It came to me, Dafydd, the High Priest of GreyLadyBast, in a dream vision. The Holy Book of GreyLadyBast. Unfortunately, the hallucination vision was to come in several parts, as explained in Chapter I of the Book itself. But this cannot be blamed on me, I only made it up received it from the Goddess. And now I present it to you, the Goddess' loyal followers.

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Chapter I: The Coming of the Vision
Chapter II: The Names of the Goddess
Chapter III: The Clothing of the Servants of the Goddess
Chapter IV: The Ritual of the Sacrifice
Chapter V: The Evil One
Chapter VI: The Official Smiting Ceremony
Chapter VII: The Hymn to GreyLadyBast
Chapter VIII: The Vision of Kaitlyn

Step Away From The Cupboard