The Holy Book of GreyLadyBast

Chapter III: The Clothing of the Servants of the Goddess

1. And lo, there are many worshippers of the Great Goddess GreyLadyBast, and they hold many diverse ranks within the Temple.

2. For therein will you find priestesses, worshippers, and a great many tea-persons, among many other titles.

3. And clothing for these is ordained by the Goddess - save only the worshippers, who may attend in their uniforms � and the clothing ordained is this.

4. Grey silk robes, flowing even unto the floor, must be worn during all ceremonies. And over this robe must be placed the Most Holy Amulet of the Great One, in the form of a bronze cat with eyes of smooth grey stone. And on certain ceremonial occasions, a replica of the Most Holy Hat may be worn.

5. It is permitted also to wear a plastic apron, allowing that it is grey, on occasion of sacrifices and smitings. For it would Not Do to get blood, ash, or strawberry sauce upon the robes of grey silk.

6. All praise GreyLadyBast and her fondness for grey silk. Praise her.

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