The Holy Book of GreyLadyBast

Chapter IV: The Ritual of the Sacrifice

1. And lo, the Worshippers of the Great One have many arcane rituals in which they must may partake. And the rituals are named below.

2. Sacrifices must be made on the thirty-second day of every month (but may be done more often if desired). And the sacrifices must be held in the Temple, with all attending arrayed in a perfect regular nonagon around the sacrifice.

3. And many things may be sacrificed, be they 'Sue, volunteer, or pocket lint. Yet be sure never to sacrifice the High Priest, for that way lies disaster and many smitings.

4. And when the sacrifice is made, the Incense Lighter Ciela Night shall light many incenses from many worlds, including Athelas, and the Chanter Hawkelf shall descend from Somewhere Upwards and declaim the chant which follows.

5. 'Lo, the Great One, GreyLadyBast, is Great, and she shall be proclaimed as such unto the Ends of the World. And lo, this sacrifice of square bracket insert sacrifice here square bracket shall be offered up to the Great Goddess GreyLadyBast, for she is great. And with this sacrifice shall we declaim this unto the Ends of the Earth. And lo...'

6. But no more will Hawkelf speak, for at this point two Agents from the Department of Redundancy Department shall rise, and they shall bind Hawkelf with ceremonial grey silk ribbons, and she shall be led to one side for the duration.

7. And then the Priestesses shall sacrifice the sacrifice with great vigour, and the sacrifice will be deemed successful if the blood or other appropriate residue be splattered across an area of three square metres, expanding to six if the sacrifice is a 'Sue, for they deserve, nay, require much torment.

8. And all shall praise GreyLadyBast, for she is great. All praise her.

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