The Holy Book of GreyLadyBast

Chapter VII: The Hymn to GreyLadyBast

1. And lo, on special occasions, a hymn will be sung to the Great One.

2. And the hymn was written by Agent Selene, for the High Priest has little imagination time on his hands.

3. Yea, and the hymn goes as follows:

4. Patron of PPCers, the One, the Only,
Mistress of the Hats, Thou Rulest all;
GreyLadyBast, though sometimes Thou smites us
Still for Thy wisdom and mercy we call.
From Thy Temple we call and worship Thee
For Your benediction, we are keen
In Thy honour we sacrifice many �Sues
And with their glitter-blood make the Temple clean.
While wearing Thy robes of flowing grey silk
We declaim Thy names to the end of the earth
And while wearing Thy amulet of the Bronze Cat
We Agents Purified find in Thy worship Rebirth
And still we spit on those turned from Thy Light
The Unfaithful, who follow The Evil One
From their Canine ways they shall soon stray
For Dark Kit is feeble with powers none.
And all who oppose The Great GreyLadyBast
Shall all be smitten, smited and smote
All praise to The Great GreyLadyBast.
Praise with Great Praise and her Worship Promote.

5. And when the hymn is sung, the Great One will be pleased.

6. At least, we believe her to be pleased.

7. Alright, I admit it. We've never sung the hymn. But it looks like it would please her, no?

8. Er... any volunteers to be the first to sing it?

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