The Protectors of the Plot Continuum

'Ello! It's me, Acacia.

When Jay and I started writing the PPC, we really didn't think it would be this big a hit. We certainly didn't think these fanficficfic things people have been writing would crop up. Not that I'm complaining at all in any way, of course. And people have been giving us all these medals and awards, in reviews.

I wanted a place to put all the stories so people can get to them easily, and I wanted to get my friend Adri, who draws rather well, to draw the medals and awards and put them in that same place. (No, it hasn't gone to my head at all..) Also, I felt like writing the Handbook, or at least some excerpts from it. So, I unilaterally decided to make the site. (Unilaterally because Jay wasn't online at the moment, but she thoroughly approved when she did log on.)

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If you want to write your own spinoff, there are a very few rules we'd prefer you to follow. (Not compulsory, of course.)

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This site has an intentionally simple and low-graphics layout with no frames or any other silly showing-off and as such is best viewed using a computer. Please, no insinuating that this is because I can't do HTML. I can do it perfectly fine. I'm just sure I'm not the only one who appreciates quick-loading pages.

DISCLAIMER: We do not own The Lord of the Rings, bookverse or movieverse. If we did, we wouldn't have to put this site on a friend's homepage. Much as we would like to, we do not own Boromir or Elrond; they own us. We do own Jay and Acacia, who are us, Headquarters, Upstairs, the Sunflower Official, the Department of Mary Sues, the Department of Bad Slash, and in short all of the original PPC. The spinoffs belong to their respective authors. Lux and Sean belong to one another, thank gods- we don't want to be responsible for them. Not only is Upstairs not paying us enough, we don't get paid at all, so if you sue us for all we own you still won't reimburse yourself for your lawyer's bills.
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