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Fanfiction? Yes, we have that! And it's not crap! Whoo! Enjoy and we would also like to know what you think of our fiction as well as our msts. :)

Fellowship of the Urn - by Drew and Al's Waiter
Through the biggest plot hole imaginable, the entire Fellowship find themselves on the road... in a pea-green hippie van?! When they stop to ask for directions in the most remote little town, they meet up with two... unusual and... unorthodox characters. Spoilers for those who have not read the books, like when Frodo... *twack* "Don't _tell _ them!" ... oh... sorry. Warning: This story is a... not a self-"insert" per se, more like self-"sucked in". Rejoice, no Legolas romance!

- Ch 1: Welcome to Sticksville... Population: YOU!
- Ch 2: "It's Thursday."
- CH 3: Chapter Three Goes Here
[There is also a fourth chapter. ~Archivist]

Of Meanderings and Messages - by Drew
Calen Gaimil left home with her uncles in search of adventure. They did not expect to find one that would sweep them up and leave them changed forever. - This is NOT a 10th member fic.

- Ch 1: Sweet Feet
- Ch 2: No One of Consequence
- Ch 3: A Hostage is Born
- Ch 4: Middle Earth Plank Etiquette
- Ch 5: Blind Sight is 20/20

Tales From Alter!World - by Thalia Weaver and Drew
Summary Pending

- Ch 1
- Ch 2
- Ch 3
- Ch 4
- Ch 5