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(Mstings put in chronological order)

Chosen by Kaos Girl [Msted by Al's Waiter] (complete)

Upon leaving K-mart, Phoenix finds a ring and is transported to Middle-earth and into the centre of the Fellowship's Quest. No one can escape the grips of her angst... and AW and Legolas can't escape the locked theatre.

Part One (chapters 1 - 5)
Part Two (chapters 6 - 11)

We Cannot Be by PrincessofAllFairytaleThingz [Msted by Drew] (Complete. Rated PG 13 - due to content that hints at mature subject matter)

Andromielle rips Elrond Half-elven out of character and has him deeply in-love with her in their arranged marriage, yet she does not return his love, for she has eyes for real elvish royalty. Meanwhile, Aragorn wants a beer.

Part One (spin-off of Chosen - MSTed)
Part Two
Part Three

Traning Time by Divana [Msted by Al's Waiter] (Complete)

When Alana and Bev start their traning at the Offical Middle-Earth Training Academy, OFUM course co-ordinator, Miss Cam wants retribution. A guest mster joins in the... "fun"?

Part One (chapters 1 - 2)
Part Two (chapters 3 - 4)
Part Three (chapters 5 - 6)

I'm With You by Dacey Black [Msted by Al's Waiter] (Work in Progress)

After Celebrian leaves Imladris, Elrohir falls into a deep and out of character depression. Can they surive the crappy plot, cliched characters and intesting plot twists? And what is AW hiding?

Chapter One

Taken Too Far Literally by GreyLadyBast [Msted by Al's Waiter] (Complete. Due to the language used in the fic [not the mst], readers discression is advised as well as end of 'Return of the King' spoilers.)

Mary Sue is pulled out of her drunken stupor to find herself in Middle-earth, but not in Rivendell or Mirkwood. Be amazed at the rocks, the angst and the ... rocks. Lessons are learned in the theatre as well as the definition of slash.

Part One (chapters 1 - 6)
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

The Assassin and the Elf by emeraldeyes [Msted by Al's Waiter and Drew] ( Work in Progress Takes place after 'Return of the King')

The first fic of Mstings: The Underground Saga. Typical Mary Sue who is mysteriously gets transported to Middle-earth via lightning and plane bulkhead and into the end of Return of the King. Watch how this terrible assassin turns Legolas into a puddle of mushy, lovey-dovey goo, and the msters try to keep their lunches down.

Part One (chapters 1 - 4)
Part Two (chapters 5 - 8)
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11

Msting With Elves
(May, or may not be LotR mstings. Basically anything that strikes us as mstable.)

The LQ Files - The Inner Life is Out There! [Msted by Al's Waiter]
(Legend of Zelda guest star, "sensored" foul language, mention of adult themes)

And this is any better?
Self Distruct

Dauter of an ent - by Unknown [Msted by Al's Waiter]
In response to a very troubling situation on, AW again finds himself going against his better judgement of fic and msts a short abomination, though it is not as bad as Richard Simmons. Well, okay. Maybe it is.

The Lay of the Last Alliance - by Elberethia [Msted by Al's Waiter]
Legolas and AW have tackled good fics, bad fics and 'The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins', but now they cover ground that is all too new to them - poetry. Be amazed as they take on the prose and verse of a forum posted rhyme.

The Git Series - msting gits whenever needed

Git One
Git Two

Teeny Tween Two Tower Review - See the most profound TTT review ever typed up!

Special Features:

Al's Waiter's Net Famous Grilled Cheese
Ever wanted to know what the blue elf loves to eat and what it tastes like? Now you can try it yourself!

Let's Poke at a Troll's Brain, Shall We?
Trolls these days aren't up to par with my expectations. They really need to be told what to in doing their job. Sad really. I weep for the young people now. I really do.

Merry Middle-earth Christmas Invasion
It's Christmas night and three fans get together with a Trilogy Edition Risk board and a digital camera. We had nothing better to do. Enjoy. (Caution: Graphics heavy)

The Lord of the Things: A PPC RPG
What happens when you get a bunch of hard core Tolkien fans together in one chat room? We're not sure either, but it sure took a long time and it was fun.

The Ballad of Bilbo
You've heard of its horrors. You may have heard the mp3, but have you seen it in film form? Now is your chance. (Please note: If you want to watch this many times, please only download it once and save it to your HD. Saves on bandwidth. Thank you.) [Link removed. ~Archivist]